Stone Cutting/Polishing

stone_cuttingMost people have heard of the “four C’s” relating to gemstones: color, cut, clarity and carat (size). Colour, clarity and carat mostly relate to the original or rough gemstone, while cut is where the artistry comes in. At Platinum Art, we believe a good gem cutter makes all the difference and we excel in this area.

The cut determines the design, shape, size and brilliance of the finished stone. By applying an understanding of how light refracts through the gem, the cutter can make the difference between an ordinary, dull stone or a stunningly brilliant work of art. Allow our gem cutter to bring out the inner beauty of your gemstone to life.

Over time even hard gemstones like sapphire can show wear. It does not shine like it did when you first got it. At our Platinum Art boutique we can give a piece of jewelry back its sparkling appearance if it has become dull or has superficial scratches. This service includes the following:

  • diagnose the piece of jewelry
  • the metal’s sparkle is enhanced using a felt disc and shining paste. If this reveals slight scratches, they may be removed only by polishing.
  • most jewelry can be cleaned with mild liquid detergent mixed with warm water. (Some exceptions include pearls, emeralds and opal.).
  • a technical inspection is carried out in accordance with Platinum Art quality guidelines

Along with gemstone cutting and polishing we have a large collection of colored gemstones. If there is a rare or precious gemstone that you are looking for, Platinum Art probably has one available. Call us for pricing and availability.